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Norfolk Shredding is committed to providing the best possible combination of security, service, and reasonable pricing in the provision of our information management and  various destruction services to our clientele.

Norfolk Shredding works at maintaining the highest possible industry standards for security.  To this end, we have become NAID AAA Certified for all our eligible shredding and destruction services.  Our staff must undergo extensive background checks, police clearances, drug testing, and thorough training.  We are committed to building solid, long term relationships with our clientele through honesty, integrity, fantastic service, and reasonable rates.  Norfolk Shredding provides the greatest value in the industry.

A balancing act is necessary.  Security, service, and pricing must all be weighed against each other to provide the appropriate mix.  At Norfolk Disposal Shredding, we have determined that security is not an option.  We adhere to the highest industry standards available.  We stay abreast of legislative and industry developments to ensure that we are always following the industry best practices with regard to security.  Your reputation and our reputation are not optional.  Having established security, we then attempt to provide the best possible service within acceptable standards to our clientele. Obviously, the greater the service provided, the more resources we must put into that service; and thus, the higher the service fee must be.  We have tried to find the perfect balance in this equation for our clients.  Our shredding and destruction services are better than the industry standards.  The many commitments that we make to our clients are simply too great to mention here.

The result is that the vast majority find our chosen blend of service and pricing very much to their liking.  You can find lower fees than ours but you must then sacrifice the service and security that we provide.  It is a very simple trade off.  Our clientele have told us that the level of service that Norfolk Disposal Shredding provides is clearly the best value available.

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